Who is Lauren?


The Elf Queen; self portrait


I was born in New York and traveled all over the country before settling down in Florida. My parents grew up in different countries, so my background consists of a variety of cultural influences. I’ve seen gorgeous parts of the world, and I plan on visiting many places I used to read about while growing up.

I picked up my first camera as a child, as my mother likes to try and help me remember. I started taking more photos as a teenager when I was obsessed with getting the perfect selfie. As a young adult, I wanted to focus on photographing the beauty of other people. I don’t regret anything since that day.

In my spare time, I like to explore the woods, try things I’ve never tried before, play Just Dance to exercise, watch too many horror movies, cuddle with my chihuahua and beagle, and daydream about the future.

I’m a Creative Writing major and am finishing my degree at the University of Central Florida. I’ve always loved books, and because of this, I view every aspect of life as a story, and want to show that in each photo I take. Influenced by nature and life’s happiest moments, I create visual memories that last a lifetime to each client.
Natural light, a touch of whimsy, and details are what I focus on when photographing, making each photograph unique and special.  Being a lover of making you feel as beautiful as you are, and capturing the true essence of the moment, I aim to make fairy tale’s come true.

As your browse all the images in my portfolio, know that all of them were shot with my heart, soul, and endless passion to my craft. Each one is special to me, and I can’t wait to see what images we can get you too.

2015 Artists of the Year      

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