What kind of gear do you shoot with?
I shoot with my Canon 5d mark ii, a 50 1.4 art lens, and a 30 1.4 art lens. I also use my Canon speed light 540EZ when not using natural light.

How do you deliver your images?
I deliver images through google drive and keep the files at high resolution. Wedding clients receive their images on a customized usb.

Can I print my images myself or do I have to through you?
You can print the images yourself, but if you really want images you’ll love, I recommend purchasing them through me. I work with a professional printing lab and wouldn’t do anything else. Walgreens and Walmart just don’t have that high quality WOW factor.

When can I expect my images?
My turn around time on images is one week. Conceptual images and weddings are a month.

Do you outsource your photos to be edited?
Each image you receive is 100% hand edited by me. I manually adjust everything, almost as if I’m painting your own unique digital image. I love editing as much as I love shooting.

Do I get to choose which images I receive?
You can if you’d like. 90% of the time my clients will let me choose their photos. I have a very keen eye, so I know which photos will be the most phenomenal ones to work on.

Can I get the unedited images?
I do not give out unedited images to anyone, it’s the equivalent of going to a restaurant and asking for the ingredients of the dish instead of simply ordering it. Some photographers do give them out, but if you’re coming to me to have photos done, let me work my magic and provide you with the most amazing images. It’s worth it, I promise.

How would you describe your style?
Fairy tale, whimsical, real. Growing up with a background in Disney love and story books, my style is influenced by magical aspects and moments that show your Happily Ever After. I’m a huge nature lover as well, so I do most of my work outside. I do a mix of slightly posed but mostly documentary-styled work.

What experience do you have?
I’ve been doing photography for 3 years now, all entirely self taught. I learned to shoot and edit by practicing every day and editing photos at least 15 times to discover and hone my style. I’ve shot numerous weddings, engagements, portraits, conceptual pieces, families, and children. Browse through my portfolio to see some of my favorites, the blog section to see full shoots, and my Facebook page to keep up with daily updates.

Do you travel outside of Florida?
I love traveling, and I am a huge lover of destination weddings. I’ve shot weddings in Savannah Ga and Atlanta, and next year have Connecticut and North Carolina. While I’m out of state for weddings, I’ll try to book a few more shoots in there.
Destination wedding information here

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